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Dog Behavior Breakthrough: A Relationship Revolution
Your Guide to a Brilliant Partnership
with Your Dog
Free Online Workshop Outlines a Proven-In-The-Real-World Formula 
to Transform Your Dog 
Into An Attentive and Responsive Partner.
(Even if your dog is reactive, distracted, over-threshold ... and even if you've tried everything!)
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Free Online Partnership Training with Kathy Kawalec
Wow! 10 days of learning, growing, transforming relationships ...
Live Streamed and Interactive with Kathy Kawalec ...
it's gonna be awesome! 
These are things that every enlightened, heart-centered, caring and dedicated
dog enthusiast (like YOU!) should know about ...
and that you will take away from the workshop:
Why you should STOP training your dog and start building a heart-connected partnership so that you can finally have the life you dream of with your dog.

The 3 things your dog is BEGGING you for ... that no other trainer or behaviorist is telling you about, but you must know to have an awesome relationship with your dog.

Every good relationship is built on Trust and Confidence - but most dog enthusiasts are doing things exactly opposite of what it takes for your dog to be an attentive and responsive partner.

There's a HUGE mistake almost everyone is making with their Reactive, Distracted, Over-Aroused or Fearful Dog ... and you'll learn my proven and simple framework to remedy these debilitating behavior problems.

The only way to get your personal invitation to enroll in Kathy's [by invitation only] Brilliant Partners Academy is by joining this free workshop as a first step in building your partnership foundation.
Meet Your Partnership Guide

Kathy Kawalec

Founder: Dancing Hearts Dog Academy,,

Creator: The Foundation Formula, Brilliant Partners Academy, Herding Partners Academy, Creative Alchemy Passion Plan.

Podcast: Enlightened By Dogs

"35+ years of living and working with dogs and their people has taught me sooooo much! Dogs are brilliant and often misunderstood ... and what they most need is a better partnership with us!

My holistic, heart-connected partnership training programs have helped transform the lives of thousands of people and their dogs ... AND I am so eager to share this with you!"
Holistic, Heart-Connected, Brilliant ...
Partnership Training for You and Your Dog
Better Relationship, Breakthrough Results, Less Training.
Kathy Kawalec  Dancing Hearts (c) 2018